The cast and production team of "A Man of No Importance," with Stephen Flaherty, Terrence McNally, Lynn Ahrens, and Roger Rees

Lorinne backstage with her fellow actresses in "Parade"

Rona reads rules to the rambunctious.

Ms. Peretti and Vice Principal Panch

We always knew you were a champion.

Vivi Boccaccini, noted singer/dancer/celebrity guest on 1970s game shows

Would you trust these people with "Peter and the Wolf"?

Cast members of "The Drowsy Chaperone" after winning Best Ensemble at the 2011 IT Awards

Am I late?

Beatrice Stockwell takes advantage of Man in Chair's vacant chair to pose with her original cast album

What did you have in mind, Jeff?

Joey and Lydia at the dance

"Well, then we'll flush you down the toilet!"

Geraldine Tuckaberry performs "The Holiday Juggle"

Starving actresses in the Priscilla Hotel

"Bwah!!! A talking cat!"

"Vive l'amour, vive l'armadillo"

It's a pahty, dahling!

"Victoria, what a victor you are!"

Colander Girl

"You're supposed to be the help!"

"Maybe we should sell it to the Brothers Grimm. They'll buy anything!"

"Cornelia has a great many new-fangled notions...she should keep them to herself."

If I can't dance, it's not my revolution! -- Emma Goldman

Aunt Millie: "It's not what you have, or have not; it's what you do with what you got!"

Lorinne, Calandra, and Jerry backstage at "Bitty Bear's Matinee"

"Tell me, have you ever seen her take this pose?"

Lorinne as Bitty Kitty, pretending to be Susannah, as a ballerina. It's complicated.

"Give me what I need."

Lorinne, Adam, Adam, and Margaret in "Polly Princess"

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